MK-NRG offers a wide variety of commercial and engineering services in the low carbon and renewable energy sector. Starting with an initial enquiry, we bring our clients on a journey from feasibility analysis, through commercial and legislative assessment to design and delivery of their renewable aspirations.

In Northern Europe incoming annual solar energy exceeds the national energy consumption for heating buildings. Hence solar energy has a vast potential as a green energy source – and not only in tropical countries. In MK-NRG we are confident that solar energy will play an important role in future energy systems.

We have provided advisory services on technology development in solar energy since the design of the first Danish cooperative solar heat plant in the 1980s. We have been involved in the solar PV industry in the UK providing commercial and planning support to a number of projects in the south west of England. MK-NRG provides a range of services in relation to integrating solar energy into the district heating systems.