MK-NRG offers a wide variety of commercial and engineering services in the low carbon and renewable energy sector. Starting with an initial enquiry, we bring our clients on a journey from feasibility analysis, through commercial and legislative assessment to design and delivery of their renewable aspirations.

The purpose of a heat pump is to absorb heat in one place where it is plentiful, to then transport and release it in another location where it can be used for water or space heating. Despite the temperature changes above ground the temperature below ground remains constant. The system works by using pipes buried in the ground, which transfer heat stored in the ground into the house via a liquid refrigerant. This is a reliable robust technology used for many years in fridges. The energy input needed is a relatively small amount of electricity to drive the pump and compressor. The energy you get back is multiplied by between 3 to 4 times, depending on the Coefficient of Performance (COP) of the particular heat pump. You effectively get something for nothing i.e. 1kW in = 3-4KW out.

MK-NRG has experience in designing and implementing these technologies at both domestic and industrial scale.