MK-NRG offers a wide variety of commercial and engineering services in the low carbon and renewable energy sector. Starting with an initial enquiry, we bring our clients on a journey from feasibility analysis, through commercial and legislative assessment to design and delivery of their renewable aspirations.

Carbon trading is a mechanism developed as part of the Kyoto protocol for reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in a cost effective manner. For each ton of CO2 reduced, fulfilling a certain set of criteria, a project is entitled to carbon crediting in the form of CERs (Certified Emission Reductions) for the CDM and ERUs (Emission Reduction Units) for Joint Implementation. The credits are tradable at a varying daily rate on the carbon stock exchange.

MK-NRG has knowledge of UNFCCC procedures and regulations along with a broad international network and strong experience with approved methodologies. We provide a specialised advisory service within carbon trading in the form of capacity building, guidance and training, project development, PIN and PDD development and due diligence monitoring..